Master Agreement Between the Government of the Province of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees

Supplement III

Modified or Flexible Hours of Work

(1) This Supplement sets forth terms and conditions of employment to be observed where the Employer utilizes any form of modified or flexible system of hours of work.
(2) The Parties agree that Employees and the Employing Department may examine the feasibility of entering into a modified or flexible work week system. Provided that services are not adversely affected and there are no operational difficulties, the Employing Department may implement a flextime or modified work week system of hours of work, but participation by an Employee in such systems shall be voluntary.
(3) The Employer has the sole right to determine the number of Employees who are required to be at work. However, upon entering into a flextime system, the Employees are entitled to have the first opportunity to plan their work schedule whereby they may arrange their starting times, lunch periods and finishing times on a daily basis, in keeping with the Employer's operational requirements. Employees shall have the opportunity to make up time lost during the flex period due to late arrival, subject to the approval of the Employing Department.
(4) An Employee participating in a flextime system of hours of work will be allowed a ten (10) hour carry over per month, either in the way of a bank or a deficit, and regular bi-weekly salary shall be paid provided the Employee's time is within these limits and the variance is approved by the Employing Department. An Employee may not accumulate a bank in excess of ten (10) hours per month, and if at the end of any month his deficit is more than ten (10) hours, he shall be deducted for those hours that are in excess of ten (10) hours. Hours shall not be banked unless the Employee has actually worked more than normal daily hours.
(5) The banked hours may be taken, as time off with pay. Employee preference in this regard shall be honoured where possible.
(6) Authorized overtime hours worked outside of flex or core times may not be used to cover off deficits pursuant to Section (4) above.
(7) In the event the flextime or modified work week system of hours of work does not result in the provision of a satisfactory service to the public, or is deemed by the Employing Department to be impractical for other reasons, the Employing Department may require a return to regular times of work in which case Employees shall be provided advance notice of thirty (30) calendar days.
(8) An Employee who is working according to a flexible or modified work week system may opt for regular times of work by providing the Employing Department advance notice of one (1) week.
(9) Employees working according to a modified work week system of hours of work will have benefits and entitlements which are expressed in terms of daily or weekly entitlements, converted to produce the equivalent hours of benefits and entitlements as they would have had if the work week had not been modified. This will result in no loss or gain in Employee benefits and entitlements.
(10) Where applicable these provisions shall have force and effect in lieu of Articles 16 and 17 of this Master Agreement.

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