Recruitment to Agencies, Boards, and Commissions

This directive describes the process for staffing senior and executive level positions in significant agencies, boards, and commissions.

The Alberta government is committed to a fair and open process when appointing members to agencies, boards, and commissions. This commitment includes establishing an objective review and certification process to ensure that qualified candidates are appointed to these organizations.

Significant agencies, boards, and commissions make financial, regulatory, business, or policy recommendations and decisions that have far-reaching implications for Albertans. For some agencies, boards, and commissions, it may be appropriate for the Minister to designate only the chair as "significant."

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Recruitment Process

The following process will be used to recruit for positions on significant agencies, boards, and commissions.

The Minister will establish a Review Panel. This panel may include members of the public, technical experts, and key stakeholders impacted by the decisions made by the agency, board, or commission. The Minister may establish one panel to select members to more than one board, if appropriate.

The Public Service Commissioner’s Office will be available to assist in selecting the Review Panel. Staff from the Public Service Commissioner’s Office, Executive Search, Department Human Resource Offices, or a private consulting firm may provide this assistance. The selection assistance can include:

  • recommending a recruitment strategy

  • assisting panel members in evaluating their ability to perform their role free of conflict of interest

  • assisting in establishing selection criteria considering the skills and experience required

  • ensuring that candidates provide resumes and other suitable background material

  • preparation of initial screening reports

  • preparing interview questions

  • conducting preliminary interviews

  • assisting in final interviews

  • conducting reference and other pre-employment checks where required

  • advising candidates of their status in the process

  • preparing reports and other required documentation

The Minister will establish selection criteria reflecting the proper mix of skills and experience required for the agency, board, or commission. For example, selection criteria may include leadership, relationship building, strategic thinking, resource management and results orientation. It may be appropriate to involve the current Chair in the process.

Methods of recruiting members for agencies, boards, or commissions may include referrals, direct sourcing, or paid advertising in career sections or appropriate trade publications. Ministers can also use the services of the Alberta Public Service (APS) Jobs website. Albertans interested in serving as a member of any agency, board, or commission may submit their qualifications to the office of the Minister.

The Review Panel will be responsible for reviewing all candidates against the established criteria. In addition to applying established criteria, consideration will be given to a candidate’s ability to perform a role for the Agency, Board or Commission free of conflict of interest. Suitable candidates will be recommended for further consideration.

The Review Panel will be responsible for short-listing qualified candidates for the Minister and/or Executive Council.

For all other agencies, boards, and commissions, the Minister will determine the process for appointing members.

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About this Directive

Authority:   Public Service Act
Application:   Organizations Under the Public Service Act
Effective Date:   1 June 2006
Contact:   Executive Search

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