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Knowledge Management Strategic Planning

A Knowledge Management Strategic Plan is a comprehensive approach to knowledge management.  Strategic planning may take the form of a multi-year strategic plan or may be as short as six months.  Strategic planning is useful for knowledge management because it helps to identify areas to focus knowledge management initiatives on.  The plan could include any of the following: an introduction, purpose, challenge, vision, responsibilities, priorities, strategic activities, corporate activities, and activity timelines.

  • Process
  • Integrating Activities Into Day-to-Day Operations
Who Is Involved
  • Representatives from the major business areas in the ministry

  • A project leader with a good understanding of knowledge management

What You Need To Get Started
  • Executive support

  • A clear understanding of the knowledge requirements of the organization and key areas of focus (can be identified through a knowledge audit)

  • Provides a comprehensive approach to managing the knowledge in the organization

  • Supports a future oriented focus on knowledge management

Ministries Using This Knowledge Management Practice

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Last Review / Update: 2011-07-04

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