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My staff would like more opportunities to focus
on their learning and development, but feel
they have no time due to their workload.

You may want to...

  • First discuss your employee's development goals and determine what competency/knowledge/skill they would like to develop.

  • Work with your employees to think beyond courses and ensure they are aware that learning and development includes much more than attending classroom training. Much of our learning is gained through on-the-job learning through observation and experience. Have a look at the learning and development options diagram on the Career Management Portal to see a wide variety of learning options available.  Many of these options, like joining a committee or conducting an information interview, do not take a lot of time and allow employees to develop the skills they need without taking them away from the things they need to get done.

  • Explore options for e-learning. An annual subscription through the GoA Learning Centre can be an excellent low-cost development option for your employees that enables them to save time as they work on their learning and development right at their desk. They can learn at their own pace and fit it in with other work responsibilities.

  • Explore cross-training as a learning and development option for your staff.

    • Cross-training can contribute to employee's development goals plus it enables your team to be able to cover-off for one another.

    • When your team is able to cover-off for one another it also enables them to be able to take turns to be away from the office short-term to attend formal learning.

  • Plan cover-off so that they can take turns and have the time to commit to learning and development opportunities.

  • Talk to your ministry Human Resources team for other ideas.

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Last Review / Update: 2011-07-04

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