Interns and Students

Congratulations on choosing the Alberta Public Service (APS)!

Whether you are beginning an internship program, or on a student work placement, you will find that the APS is a place that values innovation, teamwork and life-long learning. When starting out in the work world, there is no better way than to surround yourself with a team full of mentors and coaches that can guide you throughout your career. The APS is that place!

No matter what ministry you're with, there will always be people who are eager to share their knowledge and experience. So don't be shy! Take every opportunity you have that will help you grow and develop while playing a vital role in making a difference for Albertans!

The links below are important resources for you as interns and students:

Explore Your Possibilities ...

Once you've completed your placement, or if you are just curious to see what jobs are there in the APS, use the following links to help you find the opportunities that are available!